234 Terminal Corp

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234 Terminal Corp. serves both the Gulf Coast and America's Mississippi River Heartland for Shipping, Storage & Distribution.

234 Terminal Corp. is 100+ Acres at Mile Marker 234, left-descending bank eastside, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is one of only 3 Deep-Water Ports located on a crest (non-flooding) between New Orleans and the Termination of the lower Mississippi Sea Port at Baton Rouge. That status is shared with Exxon (Standard Oil) since 1916, and Formosa Plastics, Inc.

The Panamax Dock was built by the U.S. Government, sold to Kaiser Aluminum and closed in 1984, losing 700 jobs, with a bankruptcy forced sale to Formosa Plastics in 1999. The dock retains exemption status from port fees of $50,000 per ship, but was artificially held out of use. Kaiser's Engineer, Camp Matens, states that Kaiser, in the mid 90's, did an engineering study on the dock establishing a minimum "structural" life of 50 years. The dock will need an independent engineering study in order to: (1) replace non-structural appendages that have limited remaining useful life, (i.e. decks, railings, walkways, etc.); (2) repair damages from barge impact in 2003; and (3) extend length, if recommended.

Unusual needs followed Hurricane Katrina as well as unusual financial opportunities. Renewed dock utilization enjoys the unanimous support of Louisiana's governor and leaders who are willing to discuss specific questions and will support sound economic activity that helps Louisiana citizens.

The site will best serve as a bulk and liquid bulk terminal. Some products that are currently needed are in short supply and could gain great handling cost reductions at this site. These include: aggregates, pumice, cement, salt, petroleum, and natural gas. Though this site is for lease and not for sale, pipelines are in place, if needed.

Monte Sano Bayou can easily be dredged and widened as a protected barge fleeting area. Conveyor foundations are in place, as well as more than twelve large liquid tank foundations. On the south side, 270,000 ft2 of flat storage with underground conveyor would be easy to convert to flat storage and cement storage and loading. The site currently has rail service, multiple pipelines, as well as Interstate accessibility and close proximity to a metropolitan airport. 234 Terminal Corp.'s adjoining north tract has the largest flat storage area available in South Louisiana, 100,000 ft2 of storage in 1 building, 22,000 ft. in two buildings and excellent offices.

The site was tested to be environmentally clean according to numerous environmental assessments because of the innocuous nature of Bauxite ore. This was the only known use of the site since 1941.