234 Terminal Corp

Our Facility

Our 100 acre deep access port is located at Mile Marker 234, left-descending bank, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is one of only 3 Deep-Water Ports located on a crest (non-flooding) between New Orleans and the Termination of the lower Mississippi Sea Port at Baton Rouge.

234 Terminal Corp will best serve as a bulk and liquid bulk terminal. Some products that are currently needed are in short supply and could gain great handling cost reductions at this site. These include: aggregates, pumice, cement, salt, petroleum, and natural gas.

234 Terminal Corp currently has major rail service and major Interstate connections, as well as close proximity to a metropolitan airport. Our facility has both deep-draft and shallow draft port access on the Mississippi.

234 Terminal Corp is as far upstream as an ocean going vessel can safely travel as the Mississippi River bridge does not allow adequate clearance for ocean going vessels.


234 Terminal Corp has roughly 130,000 ft2 of warehouse space available.

Railroad Spur

Over 1200 ft of industrial track available for loading and unloading rail cars. Serviced by Union Pacific Railroad daily.